Who we are

Rosie and Charlie are colleagues and close friends and over the last two years have managed to survive in each other’s company in a variety of austere environments...


Ranging from hiking in snake-infested Costa Rica to camping in -20°C in Norway, to surviving a Friday night shift in Exeter’s Emergency Department, they have shared many highs and lows and can't wait for the next adventure. They have set their sights on a new female pair world record, hoping to inspire younger generations of women to aspire to seemingly unattainable goals. 



Not your average transatlantic rower, but no stranger to adversity. 


A tumultuous few years has seen Charlie lose half her bowel and require major pelvic surgery, and yet her determination to push boundaries intensifies.


A keen diver and open water swimmer Charlie is a lover of all things water based and a penchant for Extreme Medicine, fuelled by her Masters degree linked with World Extreme Medicine, has drawn Charlie to attempt the “worlds toughest row”, despite no prior rowing experience.


Known as: Charles 

Most likely to: be overboard swimming

Most excited for: 'sundowners' on the deck

Most scared of: Rozza when hangry 




Rosie’s illustrious rowing career began at university where she stroked the college 2nd boat to get ‘bumped’ a record-breaking four times in one race, after getting stuck in a bush.  These days, she continues to train hard on the Devon coast, making trips to the pub in her boat ‘Stormzy’ when the sun’s out.


However, Rosie is no stranger to hard work and pushing herself to the limit. Alongside her job as an Emergency Medicine doctor and studying a Masters in Extreme Medicine (together with Charlie), she enjoys taking part in long-distance triathlons and running marathons.  She also volunteers for the RNLI and so is well aware of the unpredictability of the sea and the respect crossing an ocean demands. 

Known as: Rozza

Most likely to: eat all the snacks by day 2

Most excited to: surf some fangin' waves

Most scared of: limited running options whilst at sea

Our Support Team

We may be only a pair of rowers but it takes more than 2 to cross an ocean. Meet our fantastic support team:

Duncan Roy

Ocean Rowing Coach

With 6800 miles of ocean rowing experience including 2 Atlantic crossings and 2 Guinness World Records, there is no doubt that we are being trained by the best! Duncan will ensure that we are prepared for whatever the Atlantic may throw at us. 

Would you like to join the team? Please get in touch - we would love to hear from you.


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